Three Fort Myers sushi spots invent their own character

My son and I are sushi fiends, but I wouldn’t necessarily qualify us as sushi connoisseurs. Not exactly purists, we are all about the Americanized sushi trend and creative rolls that the other place doesn’t do.

A boatload of sushi at Zushi Zushi

I prefer my fish raw; Aaron goes in for cooked seafood and anything with cream cheese. That all said, here are some of our favorite finds in the south Fort Myers area.

Awesome Osaka

Osaka Japanese Steak House does teppanyaki, a full menu of Thai specialties, and a roundup of sushi, sashimi, and rolls. It moved from McGregor Boulevard to San Carlos Boulevard a few years ago, and now occupies a lovely Asian-inspired building with a soothing, welcoming interior.

On a recent visit, I let my son order, which resulted in Read more of this post