Children’s Museum of Naples Sneak Preview

C’MON opens in 2 weeks

What did you like most to do when you were 6 years old? Undoubtedly C’MON and its focus groups of 6-year-olds and grown-up former 6-year-olds have already anticipated your answer.

The Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples, 10 years in the making, opens Tuesday, Feb. 28, to mounting anticipation. Here’s a sneak peek.

Some of what the 6-year-olds suggested has to do with what they experience here in Florida; some of it, what they miss.

That’s most obvious in the Mother Nature’s House seasons exhibit. In the

Fall in Woodstock, VT

spring in Martha’s Vineyard room, they can make a bird’s nest. In the summer in Naples section, they can do a news broadcast about a tropical storm on-camera, reading from a teleprompter.

But when they get to fall and winter, the fun really starts: a tree that spits out leaves they can rake up and a chilly igloo where they can write their names in the condensation on the window.

Naples environments

The Naples Trolley is the centerpiece as you enter the 30,000 square-foot hall of the colorful ship-shaped building. Inside the trolley, kids get their picture taken for a driver’s license and punch buttons to go to some of the museum’s 12 different galleries.

Behind it, a mammoth, very real-looking banyan tree has its 350 branches filled with stuff animals. Inside, kids can step into a virtual pond and watch the fish flit away and water plants grow. Read more of this post