Birding: The Florida Big Week

The Big Year movie inspiring you to do some Florida birding?

An Indigo Bunting in St. George Island State Park near Apalachicola, Florida, did me in.

I was on a morning birding tour, and we racked up 46 different species within a few hours. A Big Day for me, but they had me with the brilliantly hued, hopping little bunting: I was officially hooked on birding.

It gave me a small taste, 1/365 to be exact, of what a Big Year must be like.

The topic of the nonfiction book The Big Year by Mark Obmascik and a recently released eponymous movie starring Owen Wilson, Jack Black, and Steve Martin, it follows the often comical chase of three obsessed birders trying to break records for the most species spotted in the U.S. from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 1998.

Birders at "Ding" Darling refuge on Sanibel Island

Sandy Komito, one of the book’s birders, won the Big Year that year with 745 birds. He continues to hold the record for number of species spotted in any given year.

The men’s slap-dash travels around the country bring them often to Florida, with its important way stops along the great American flyway migration route. Read more of this post