Warm Mineral Springs in Fort Myers

Days Inn in San Carlos Park offers more than meets the eye.

If you’re like me, you’ve driven past the Days Inn Fort Myers Springs, formerly the Springs Motel, a hundred times without a thought or even a question about why it was once called the Springs.

We’ve even stopped for a cold one between our drive from Naples and Fort Myers at the motel’s popular tiki hut. Still, I had no idea that a historic treasure lies in the backyard, just steps from the bar.

With a recent major renovation, Days Inn management has restored the mineral springs to their 1960s origins.

The story goes that oil-drillers made the one domed and other open-air pool happen. The 1,000 foot well they drilled evidently tapped into an artesian pool of hot mineral water.

Talk about "springing" a surprise!

It comes out at 82 degrees and smells of sulfur, but many believe it to having healing powers – particularly for skin, muscle, and arthritis problems.

For $5 day visitors can purchase a pass to lounge around and walk the ramps into the pools to relax. The dome over the round pool is next to be restored, said Front Desk Supervisor Laurie Brown.

“It was really a mess,” she said of the lawn area around the pools, now inviting with columns, tables, and fountains. “They put in all new landscaping and walkways.”

The second pool, rectangular with no covering, is better for sun-seekers and those wishing to escape the mineral scent and sediment of the round pool.

The Days Inn people, who took ownership in July 2010, also have plans to pipe music into the pools area and possibly reformat the adjacent building for spa or wedding use.

Guests at the motel will find affordable rates, a regular swimming pool, MarLiDa’s Diner, and the local’s watering hole under the great banyan tree.

239-267-7900, 18051 S. Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers.


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