Cloudy at Sunshine Cafe Fort Myers

The fact that the parking lot was crowded on a Wednesday night in September at Sunshine Cafe in Fort Myers should have been a good indicator.

Turns out a Living Social coupon had published that very day. And evidently the tiny dining room staff was unprepared.

Our group of four friends wasn’t bothered to have to wait for service as long as our server kept our drinks fresh. Which happened most of the time.

We were forgiving. Up to a point. After we indicated we were finished with our dinners and he cleared everyone’s plate but mine – through another round of drinks – and then later disappeared for a quarter of an hour, our generosity of spirit waned.

Perhaps he thought because I had only eaten one of the two cornmeal-crusted soft-shell crabs that came on the night’s special, that I really didn’t mean I was finished.

The crab that made us crabby.

Perhaps he forgot that when I asked for tartar sauce, he offered remoulade that never came. The overly fishy-tasting crabs were drizzled with a sweet Asian chili sauce that did nothing to complement them. The remoulade would have rescued them I thought, but alas I’ll never know.

My friend’s filet mignon was cooked au point but the demi glaze was thickened with cornstarch rather than reduction.

One more gripe before onto the good news: a Madras one of us ordered was off – some kind of odd coconut flavor in there.

So the next time I will go for the paella, which was flavorful and multi-layered with sausage, chicken, mussels, shrimp, scallops, and an authentic Latin tomato sauce.  A ray of sunshine.

Our fourth dish, the sesame-crusted salmon, succeeded fairly well. The veggies crowded on the plates weren’t bad either, especially the red cabbage.

To be fair, I’ve dined here several times before, so possibly the Living Social-inspired crowd created a fluke. Hopefully my next visit will warrant a sunnier weather report.

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