Yanos in Downtown Fort Myers

Marilyn, moderne, and mmmm

Downtown Fort Myers keeps getting tastier. Case in point: Yanos.

Simple and sleekly decorated with bright walls and Warholesque Marilyn Monroes, its idea of cuisine measures equally newfangled and classy.

Mushroom ravioli with Gorgonzola cream

For lunch or a dinner appetizer, you can’t miss with the brilliant mushroom ravioli and Gorgonzola cream I sampled recently.

A well-researched wine list complements such other triumphs as Bloody Mary gazpacho, smoked salmon and boursin croissant, beer & BBQ ribs, signature mac & cheese with artichokes and triple cheese cream, miso-glazed Atlantic salmon with citrus-ginger beurre blanc, and classic tiramisu.

2262 First St., Fort Myers; 239-332-7797.

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